My Streatham

Brand, website & social

I decided to start a collaborative community based in my area of South London. I started off by creating the brand, My Streatham, and then followed up with an ambitious social media marketing strategy. Within months I had built thousands of followers and suddenly realised there was potential to turn the idea into something which could really benefit the local community.

First I built the brand, starting with the logo, font and tone of voice, which I thought represented Streatham and appealed to the target audience. Matching social media profile and cover images were also created for consistency. I picked a decent Google font that I knew would work well on all browsers and devices, yet would stand out in a sea of boring fonts you usually find on a community site.

To really kick off brand awareness, I started the hashtag #mystreatham. It’s short, catchy, relevant to the audience and matches the domain and brand name. I created a consistent and casual tone of voice (TOV) to follow on both social and the website. Part of the process meant I had to build user personas for the target audience of the community, people I feel represent today’s Streatham community and who are active online.

Later, I created an eCommerce and advertising-funded blog and turned the community into what is often referred to as a ‘social influencer’; attracting the attention of businesses who want to advertise in the area. I’m amazed, but people were so taken by My Streatham that the local Business Improvement District wanted to invest. A strong relationship which maintains to this day.

We now have over 12k followers across our social channels and a number of volunteers who help to run the organisation. It has also attracted the attention of MP Chukka Umunna, who regularly shares our posts and came to meet me whilst he was MP for Streatham. Another little name drop is Will Young, I guess if you’re under 25 you have no idea who either of these people are!