Community brand, website and social


MP Chuka Umunna StreathamI came up with the idea to start a collaborative community in my local area of London. I started off by creating the brand, My Streatham, and then followed up with an ambition social media marketing strategy. Within months I had built thousands of followers and realised there was potential to turn the idea into something which could really benefit the community.

I built the brand by firstly starting with the logo, font and tone of voice, which I thought represented Streatham and appealed to the target audience. Matching social media branding was also created for consistency. To really kick off brand awareness, I started the hashtag #mystreatham. It’s short, catchy, relevant to the audience and matches the domain and brand name. I keep a consistent and casual tone of voice (TOV) and have built user personas for the target audience, people I feel represent today’s Streatham community who are active on social media.

Later, I created the website and turned the community into a social influencer, attracting the attention of businesses who want to advertise and the local Business Improvement District who wanted to invest. We now have over 10k supporters and a number of volunteers who help to run the organisation. It has also attracted the attention of MP Chukka Umunna, who regularly shares our posts.




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