Centre for Policy Studies

The CPS got in touch with a ginormous website, full of content, but with very little control over it. The agency who had built their site had built it with a really poor CMS which allowed them little control over updating key parts of the site. They wanted to move the site over to WordPress and be able to update all images, text, link, pages, posts, papers etc around the site in-house. So that’s what I did.

I created a completely bespoke WordPress version of their existing site, copying it pixel for pixel and added custom fields for all of the different content types, putting the power back into the users’ hands.

The site receives tens, if not hundreds of thousands of visits a month and so I took down the old and launched the new site in the early hours of the morning – at the same time setting up the site on a new server for them. I look forward to helping CPS in the future with a reskin of the site and bring the site and supporting them over time.

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Content rich home page

Advanced search and filtering

Staff and board members

Simple e-commerce integration