Working with the Office of Overview who designed the Butchies site, I helped them to re-develop it and integrate the site with their CRM. As you’ve probably already guess, I specialise in WordPress websites, however, I can actually work on almost any website and this one being based on a CMS called Kirby, I had to quickly get to grips with this unique set up.

Once I reskinned the site with a pixel-perfect web based version of the designs supplied by Office of Overview, I was then asked to connect up the form on the sit to the CRM. This would allow sign ups to automatically flow into the CRM with data about their local store, date of birth, etc. allowing Butchies to share promotional codes for specific stores.

We plan on re-platforming Butchies in the future, moving them from the Kirby CMS to WordPress. I can’t wait to see this become the best fried chicken chain website around.

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Video hero section

Dynamic modal popup

Google maps location finder

Custom form with CRM

Merchandise shop