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What's all the hype about?

With access to over a billion daily users, social media marketing has become a powerful way to increase leads and engage your target market. A consistent tone of voice and planning a relevant content strategy are the essential first step on the road to social success.

I use a combination of 'earned media' known as online word-of-mouth and 'paid media' which involves reaching your audience via paid ads, reviews and social influencers; using both methods ensures fast and long-lasting success.

The primary focus of your efforts should always be to create value for your audience, rather than just promoting your business - it's time to start thinking outside the box.

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A brief example

You post on your Facebook page '10% discount on all products this month!' with a link to your website, expecting the sales to come flooding in. However, in reality nobody shares the post and it barely gets any engagement. Not the hype you expected from social media, right? Doesn't seem worth the effort?

The post would've been drastically more effective if it was subtly added to something of real value and interest to your audience. A good example would've been '5 top tips to improve (something relevant to your audience)' linking to an interesting and convincing article on your website. At the end of the article you would add the 10% promotion with a call to action.

Packaging your promotion in this way is less interruptive and let's face it, less annoying for your audience than a blatant promotion. You draw in their attention through the catchy title and add value through providing genuinely interesting content and convert them into a sale at the end.

Always remember: "Nobody reads ads. They read what interests them. Sometimes it's an ad."

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Planning your social strategy

The most important factors I focus on:

  • Understanding your goals
  • Undertaking competitor research
  • Understanding your target market
  • Creating a content calendar and content
  • Maintaining consistency across all platforms
  • Using powerful tools to gain genuine interactions
  • Measuring success and making continual improvements
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