Social Media Marketing

Are you ready to take your social media to the next level? I’m a London based social media marketing expert with the tools and expertise to get you there.

With access to over a billion daily users, social media marketing has become a powerful way to increase leads, gain exposure to your target market and get an insight into how your customers tick. Choosing the most suitable social media platform and relevant content strategy is the essential first step on the road to social success.

Each platform is specific to what you want to achieve:
London Based Social Media Marketing Company Streatham

  • Blogs to promote content and gain website traffic
  • Facebook to foster a community
  • Twitter to chat with your audience
  • Instagram to build a brand visually and tell a story
  • YouTube as your own TV station
  • Snapchat to Vlog and take your audience behind the scenes

I use a strong social strategy which combines the two forms of social media marketing to ensure long-lasting success. Earned Media which is known as online word of mouth and Paid Media which is spending money to reach your audience socially via ads, reviews or social influencers. The primary aim of your social media efforts should be to create value for your audience rather than just blatantly advertising to them.

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.”

Here’s an example of when your social media efforts go to waste. You post “A 10% discount on all products this month!” with a link to your website on your Facebook Page and expect the sales to come flooding in. But in reality you only make a few sales, nobody shares the post and generally it only gets a few likes from existing customers. Not the hype you expected from social media, right?

Your promotion would have been drastically more effective if it was subtly added to something of real value and interest to your audience. A good example would be a post saying “5 top tips to improve (here you could add something relevant to your audience and industry)”, linking to a relevant and interesting article on your website. At the end of the article you would add the promotion.

Packaging your promotion in this way is less interruptive and let’s face it, less annoying for your audience to see in their newsfeed. You draw in their attention through the catchy title and add value through providing genuinely interesting free content. They’re also more likely to share an article like this to their friends or followers, creating a snowball effect for the promotion and reaching new customers. You’ve probably clicked on something like this and not even noticed it was marketing, I know I have.


As your social media following increases over time, it sends an important social signal to search engines who recognise this as a sign of trust and improve the ranking of your business on the results page.

When I create your social media marketing strategy it includes:

  • Understanding your goals
  • Undertaking competitor research
  • Understanding your target market and creating user personas
  • Creating an editorial schedule, curating and sourcing awesome content
  • Maintaining brand consistency across your website and social media platforms
  • Using powerful tools to gain genuine likes, followers, comments and shares
  • Measuring success and making continual improvements


So if you’re ready to make the most of your social media then get in touch. Professional SMM provides at least 3x more┬áreturn on investment than traditional┬ámarketing.