WordPress Website Maintenance

April 4, 2017

Do you want to keep your WordPress website well maintained and up-to-date? I’m a London based consultant specialising in support and maintenance for WordPress websites and am here to help.

If you’re getting notifications saying that there are updates available or if you’re worried you’re not properly maintaining your website, then I have a few recommendations for what you should be doing to keep you web presence running smoothly. If your website is critical to your business then I would highly recommend carrying out the following tasks at least on a monthly basis.

Pro-tip: set up an automatic daily backup system which stores the backup of your website. If anything goes wrong, you can just roll back to the backup from the day before without losing anything.

Non-technical website maintenance

  • Updating the copy and looking for mistakes.
  • Make sure all links and menus work and lead to the correct pages.
  • Test the contact forms.
  • Make sure everything displays correctly on computers, tablets and mobiles.
  • Remove spam comments or messages.

Technical website maintenance

  • Take a backup of your website.
  • Update WordPress.
  • Update the plugins.
  • Update the theme if there’s an update available.
  • Check website and page loading speeds are reasonable.
  • Run a security scan for any vulnerabilities.
  • Check your traffic in Google Analytics potential issues/improvements.
  • Use Google Webmaster to check for any 404 ‘page not found’ errors and redirect them.

The above list is mainly aimed at those who are more experienced WordPress users. To write in-depth about each of these tasks would make this a super long and boring article which nobody would want to read. If you know what you’re doing then follow the above high-level list of tasks, however, if you don’t then get in contact and leave it to me to sort out for you.

Maintaining your website is really important to keep it running smoothly. People who don’t update their WordPress system often get hacked and if they haven’t taken a backup – they lose everything. Others may find that pages are loading really slowly or links are broken which cause potential customers to become frustrated and bounce to a competitor. Other errors or visual problems can let you brand down and create a terrible user journey.

Leave both your non-technical and technical website work to a professional and have peace of mind that everything is being handled for you. There are two simple options for you to get my support straight away.

Have you updated your website recently? Find out more about my website support service.