Why guys should grow their hair long

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Have you found yourself appreciating a man bun or even the controversial topknot?

Most guys have toyed with the idea of growing their hair out, but have worried that they might end up looking like Rambo or Ron Jeremy for that matter. I too have always wanted to give it a try but for various reasons not had the confidence to just got for it… that was until I started going grey.

Why guys should grow out their hair

First of all there was one, then a few weeks later another, now two years on I have an uncountable amount of grey hairs  growing around the sides of my head. My best mate who has had long hair for years said to me, “why don’t you finally grow your hair now, before it all turns grey or recedes?” and with that I had an epiphany, it was finally time to take the plunge.

In order to try to style out that unavoidable awkward middle phase, I spoke to as many guys with long hair and watched as many YouTube video as I could, to get some tips for lasting the 12 months it takes without cutting it off in a rage.

Here’s what I learnt…

Start with an undercut

That means you should get the sides and back shaved to a grade 1 or 2 and leave the top long, maybe just have it shaped a little. Do this for 2 or 3 haircuts until your hair on top can be combed back to at least half way down the back of your head. Then you are ready to leave it to grow naturally until you hit the awkward middle phase.

Look after your hair

There are many things which can damage your hair, like straighteners, bleach, dye and harsh products, so try to avoid anything which is going to make your hair growth slower or more difficult. You can wash your hair with water but try to shampoo your hair only every other wash and always use plenty of conditioner. You can save money on styling products and look after your hair at the same time by making your own salt spray.

See below for the products I would recommend for looking after and styling your hair. They’re the most effective and value for money products for this phase and probably collectively cost less than 2 hair cuts. Not a bad investment!

Styling out the awkward middle phase

So you’ve reached that dreaded phase, the hair around your ears and neckline is ratty looking and you feel like you look homeless. Some people now start wearing a lot of hats (if it’s winter you’re in luck) but if you’re somebody like me who doesn’t wear hats then there is something else you can do. Think about all the money you have saved by not getting your hair cut for the last few months… for me it was £16-£20 a time. Use that to book in at a really good barber shop or salon and get yourself a cheeky little maintenance trim.

Inspiration to keep you going

At this point you probably think it is taking agesss and you’re frustrated that you can be at that finishing point already. Like anything worthwhile, it takes time and patience but when you finally get there, you will thank yourself for sticking it out. Here are some thoughts to keep you going…

Washing and styling men’s long hair

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the final hurdle… styling your new locks. You should be proud of yourself, I really mean that. Now you can reap the rewards of standing out from the crowd and enter a new phase of your life (finally not the awkward one). So long hair is new to you and you could do with some tips for how to get the most out of it. Here goes!

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