Upgrade to Secure HTTP for £99

June 28, 2018

You’ve probably noticed that when you’re on a secure website, your connection changes from http (which is insecure) to https (which is secure).

This means that the connection between your website and visitors is encrypte – especially important for securely processing payments. It also provides a better level of privacy and gives your website a more professional impression.

An unexpected, but welcome, advantage is that Google will see that your website has a secure connection and determines that it’s more credible than others. The algorithm then boosts your website up the ranking in search results. Giving you a better chance to get on the first page of Google, right above your competitors.

I’m able to set up a secure connection on your WordPress website, quickly and reliably. For my clients who host their websites with me it costs just £99 and includes the SSL certificate required. For clients who have their own web hosting, the cost is £250 plus the cost of their SSL certificate.

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