Two Blind Sisters See For The First Time

March 27, 2016

Two sisters Sonia and Anita living in India, have been blind since birth. All they needed was a simple eye operation which made it possible for them to see their mother for the first time. The nonprofit organization 20x20x20 provides free operations to people who cannot otherwise afford them, like these sisters. There are thousands of other people in developing countries who do not yet have access to treatment for these types of conditions, yet in the western world we often enjoy the luxury of free or subsidised healthcare like in the UK.

These procedures empower people in impoverished communities to create better futures for themselves. Their circumstances are mainly due chance and they have no way to help themselves without something which we take for granted – our eyesight. In this short film the sisters’ poignant journey which captures their initial experiences before after the bandages come off. In a world of over 5 billion people, in the western world we are extremely lucky to live with vast amounts of support and healthcare unavailable to those in developing countries.