Switch to WordPress

The content management system (CMS) of your website, also known as the backend 😬 is one half of the equation and often overlooked. Different CMS specialise in different aspects of website management, with WordPress being the global leader as the best allrounder.

From multinational enterprises to your average Joe, WordPress is the best CMS you can switch to, if you want a smooth running website which is full of functionality and scope for growth in the future.

When it comes to switching over to WordPress, I take your existing website and re-platform it to WordPress, so it looks the same on the frontend but the backend is a professional WordPress set up.

I make 99% of the content on your site, including text, images, videos and articles updateable from the CMS, so you're no longer restricted. I can also take your existing integrations such as Analytics, Hubspot, Mailchimp, E-commerce etc. and plug those in to the new site.

Leaving you with an enterprise-level, WordPress managed website.

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