A bit about me

Nice to meet you, I’m Lewis – a web designer and developer based in London.

I craft pixel-perfect websites, which combine well planned user journeys with advanced development techniques, for an enterprise-level finish. Helping my clients to build, manage and grow their WordPress websites in a cost-effective way. 

I also have branding, digital marketing and SEO experience which feeds into every project. Helping my clients to reach more people, increase profits and elevate their brand in the digital space.

After refining the process over the past decade, I’ve worked at award winning web design agencies, as well as freelanced, my experience meaning I can be relied upon to consistently deliver web related projects and services on time and budget. 

Anyway, that’s enough about me.


How do you get started?

"Please feel free to drop me a message and we can chat through your needs, any questions you might have, how much this whole corona situations sucks. Once we both work out and agree on a clear set of requirements, I provide you with a quote. And it all goes from there..."