A Facial Aesthetics clinic website

I was recommended to the clinic by The Consulting Centre, one of my clients in Bournemouth. The clinic, led by Dr Sam Ghazawy, was thriving on Facebook and it was time to build a website. With Sam’s fast-growing reputation as one of the most medically qualified and experienced facial aesthetics doctors in the area, the website was built with his target market in mind.

The website has a powerful Bookly WordPress booking system, which Sam uses to manage all the clinic’s appointments. It’s perfectly scalable and capable of adapting the clinic’s needs as it grows over time. It uses an SSL certificate to encrypt the connection and the system takes a refundable deposit via PayPal for each booking. When somebody books an appointment, both the client and relevant members of staff are sent automated emails accordingly, who can log in to the backend of the website to manage them.

The website has transformed the way in which the clinic’s customers make bookings, as well as their brand image. I’m now providing website support, improving and updating the website as the clinic evolves and grows. This has included work to add new treatment pages, a social stream and add more features to the booking system.

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