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Hello World – The Digital Nomad Revolution

By 23rd February 2016 February 19th, 2018 No Comments
Hello World - The Digital Nomad Revolution

There’s a cultural revolution taking place and you may not have heard anything about it. All over the world people are quitting the rat race and turning to the internet to free them up to travel the world all year round.

The rapid development and expansion of the internet has opened up the possibility to work entirely online. Fast and reliable internet connections in far afield places like Thailand, has lead to an unprecedented rise in the number of people quitting their day jobs and travelling around the world as Digital Nomads. So what exactly is a digital nomad and what does it involve?

The key to the Digital Nomad lifestyle is location independence. Web designers, entrepreneurs, remote workers or anyone with the possibility of working independent of a fixed location are joining the revolution. They work, communicate and organise everything over the internet – meaning they are free to roam the world – with many targeting places like Asia with a low cost of living. The essential things which are possible to do over the internet which make this lifestyle possible are:

  • Working
  • Communicating
  • Banking
  • Booking flights and transportation
  • Finding accommodation
  • Meeting people & Networking
  • Buying and selling

The stress of commuting to work every day on packed public transport, sitting in a boring office and paying the ever increasing costs of city living is enough to make anyone question the meaning of life. Digital Nomads get to travel and live in places which cost significantly less for accommodation, food and transport, yet earn money in their native countries (or further afield). They also get to experience the world free from the responsibilities of living in a fixed location. Imagine how liberated you would feel!

Even those who need office space for work have the option of being Digital Nomads, due to now widely available co-working spaces popping up in most major cities. With printers, desks and growing communities, these places offer a shared professional office space for freelancers, sole traders and small companies alike. Some coworking companies have spaces all over the world and with a monthly fee you can use any of their spaces, in whichever country you are in, and with your same membership. Cool, huh?

If all you need to work is a laptop, headset and internet connection, then why settle for living the mundane office life, when you could do this from anywhere. With all our files, movies, music and banking online, we are no longer tied down by the baggage of times gone by and can enjoy a more mobile life without compromise.

So is the Digital Nomad life for you?

That depends on what you value in life. If you want to have the flexibility of travelling anywhere, having a lower cost of living and adjust your work-life balance in favour of life, then I would say absolutely yes. Break free from the rat race and from the fear of a life unlived, after all your home town will still be there if you chose to go back.

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