Copywriting for websites & social

I tell stories which break through the noise and engage with a modern day audience.

Why you need this

With so much competition around, brands are having to fight harder than ever to be noticed online.

Posting content which adds value to peoples lives is a powerful way to position your business as a thought leader, as well as to engage with your target audience online.

Utilising my experience in Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing, I'm able to write in a way which compliments your digital marketing strategy.

The copy I write contains well researched keywords, crosslinking to different pages and cleverly placed calls to action; maximising impact across all channels.

Use a copywriter

What I can write for you

I both create and curate the following in a specific tone of voice or house style:

  • Website copy
  • Social media posts
  • News and blog articles
  • Marketing communications
  • Email newsletters

"Copywriting is pretty much the Holy Grail as far as internet marketing is concerned. You can't expect people to listen, if you don't have a good story to tell."

Leave it to me

A quick example

Here's an example: a cafe in London adds an article titled "How dog friendly are London cafes?" to their website. They talk about why it's important that dog friendly cafes exist. They also make reference to how their cafe welcomes furry friends and how all dogs visitors get free biscuits upon arrival.

The article benefits search engine optimisation (SEO) through the keywords used in the title and copy. From now on, when people search Google for "Dog friendly cafes in London" they'll likely see this article and be lead to the website where they can read more.

Imagine all the topics you could talk about on your website and social media. If you're not adding relevant articles to your website and social media, you're missing out on what is possibly the most effective way to tell your target audience your story.

I'm ready for this