Bill Burr’s commentary – Guy buys house for $16

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A mate of mine introduced me to Bill Burr on YouTube a few weeks back. I didn’t think I would find myself relating to a random American YouTuber however this guy is on point with his commentary of events around the world. It’s like he has taken the thoughts and words out of my head and isn’t afraid to speak them publicly. Good on Bill Burr for speaking the truth about some of the ridiculous types of people you can find around the world!

“Just because you signed yourself into indentured servitude to these piece of shit bankers. One guy! One guy gets out of it and doesn’t have to become a slave to these assholes and you can’t be happy for him. Because he found a loophole. Because he did his homework. If you read about it you could have owned two houses. You could have sold your house and moved into the other one for sixteen bucks. Quit hating on the guy!”

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